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"The case of the haunting Nancy deals with in this book is one of the most interesting cases of genuine haunting."   (Dr. Hans Holzer, Ph.D. New York Institute Of Technology)

The Author is an internationally known psychical researcher with over 30 years of experience, who spent 10 years living in a "Haunted" house in Baltimore, Maryland. This is the true story of that house. This story includes civil war soldiers, a colonial woman, "Mollie" the little slave girl, Native Americans and others from the past who still remain.  (Also includes authentic photographs)

Nancy Stallings Studies have been the subject of articles in many local, National, and international publications, including Omni Magazine. She has been the guest on many local and national television programs including a week-long series on Baltimore's WBAL-TV NEWS, in which she investigated haunting's aboard the U.S.S. Constellation and the Ravenhurst Mansion. She has also appeared on P.M. Magazine and Sightings. Nancy has lectures at libraries and college's through out the United States, and has worked with local police and the state park services on cases involving paranormal incidents.

Nancy Stallings still resides in Maryland where she focuses her attention to being a wife, mother, and grandmother.



New, out-of-print.
Signed author’s copies
Hardback/jacket, 363 pgs., 1996.

Story seen on the Discovery Channel series “A Haunting”, episode “Echoes From the Grave”.

Price: $27.95

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